Leather Choices

UK Authentic English Bridle Leather​

Vegetable tanning leather is the oldest form of making leather and English bridle is a finishing that is traditionally very waxy, thick, heavy, and stiff that takes awhile to soften.   During certain climates and drier environments, the waxes in the leather “bloom” to the surface in a haze.  This highly sort after effect authenticates true English style bridle leather.  You buff it out with a cloth and oil conditioner.

We only use Grade A full grain vegetable tanned English bridle leather from American tanneries and imported UK English bridle leather depending on availability.

The USA and UK bridle leather are very similar.  Both come from the same high-quality steer leather.  The UK bridle leather is stiffer, waxier and has a greasy top coat, eventually, when it softens and gets drier it becomes similar to the American bridle leather you would get new.

JE Sedgwick UK Tannery

Traditional English bridle leather

Hand-finished in Walsall with an open grain texture. This smooth surfaced material originally purpose made for equestrian use, has a high shine finish due to the care and attention it receives as it works its way through the various Sedgwick processes. J & E Sedgwick & Co. was founded in 1900 and moved into their Walsall site in 1954. At the time Walsall was the capital of leather for equestrian goods. In more recent years (10-15 years), they have spanned into the small fashion goods sector. The company along with William Clarke, joined The Clayton Leather Group in 2015.

Wickett & Craig USA Tannery

Bridle leather

Founded in 1867, Wickett & Craig is a world premiere vegetable tannery.

Hermann Oak Leather USA

Hermann Oak brings the finest vegetable leathers to the market. Starting with prime grade heavy native steer hides, Hermann Oak produces a variety of leathers, each specifically suited for its end use. Quality that comes from over 130 years of experience.  Hermann Oak leather comes very thick, around 8 to 12oz and with a suede lining it gets even thicker, that’s why we usually recommend keeping the natural lining.  If you want a very thick durable heavy briefcase choose Herman Oak leather and keep the edges traditional by burnishing, not painting.

Hermann Oak Bridle Leather

Take one look at this leather, and you’ll immediately be struck by its rich color and its beautiful sheen. These properties are what make it so coveted for belts, particularly dress belts. Imagine the way the color will pop from across the room with just the right amount of shine. This leather boasts a nice grain side and a clear pasted flesh side.  Veg tanned the old-fashioned way using a tightly-controlled, one to three-month process that utilizes tree bark and other natural tannins, this leather is prized for both its beauty and workability.

Hermann Oak Black Drum Dyed Harness Leather

Hermann Oak is one of the oldest and most trusted names in harness leather and remains to this day the top choice of some of the finest harness makers we know. Stuffed in drums with heavy tallows, this leather gives anything you make from it exceptional wear, thickness, and durability. Drum dying gives this leather its beautiful, deep color. The tanner immerses the leather in dye before tumbling it in a drum to maximize dye penetration. In addition, this leather is veg tanned the old-fashioned way using a tightly-controlled, one to three-month process that utilizes tree bark and other natural tannins for leather that is prized for both its beauty and workability.