High – End Handmade Locks

The locks I use are simply the best the world has to offer that come from the same manufacturers as the high-end name brands use on bags over $5k and $10k. The locks come from a traditional lockmaker from England or Italy that make them carefully by hand using brass parts, unlike most of the zinc “pot metal” locks coming from China and used on most bags today.

TraditionalEnglish Tube Key Lock

Handmade and installed with real solid steel pins

This lock style is very popular, not just with me, but with any quality case maker. The round button pushes down as you insert the top latch into the bottom, or pull it out to release. The key unlocks and does not need to be turned every time you open or close the lock, as some older styles required.

CombinationClock Lock

Handmade and the Round Ones are installed with real solid steel pins while the Rectangular Ones are installed with permeant screws.

Like my Marcellino Latch I was the first to introduce and install this lock on hand-stitched English bridle leather briefcases and so with this comes my experience on installing this lock the right way.

This combination lock is made almost like a fine watch with precision and ingenuity because it is a combination lock that sets like a clock.  Instead of remembering 3 random numbers you dial, this combination lock allows you to plug in a memorable time, like 1:32 the moment of your child’s birth. That is now your combination number. The locks are handmade in Italy.  You really understand the precision involved in the making when you turn the dials around, and they snap sharply at each small minute.