Jürgen Habermas Briefcase

I have been engaged in leather working for decades as a creative outlet and a means of artistic expression. For me, my designs have never been a means to make a product / brand to make money. It has always been to express my art. My career has predominantly been in the restaurant industry, necessitating an alternative avenue for self-expression, which I found in leather craft. I soon realized the importance of specialization and identifying my target clientele. This led me to focus on crafting traditional, thick leather bags using time-honored techniques, catering specifically to lawyers. My commitment to this niche culminated in the creation of the ultimate lawyer briefcase, designed to be durable, long-lasting, professional, and aesthetically pleasing to complement their formal attire. Its distinctiveness sets it apart from less expensive alternatives in the market.

The key innovation of this briefcase is the Marcellino Latch, a simple yet effective saddle mechanism, previously unused on professional bags, especially on refined English bridle leather briefcases. The design underwent several iterations, refined through feedback from lawyer clients who used it daily. The latch’s simplicity, strength, and ease of use resemble a buckle but offer more convenience.

A significant milestone was my agreement with the owner of The Golden Nugget hotels to exclusively use bags featuring this latch, solidifying it as my signature design. While the latch’s only drawback is its potential to open when the bag is empty, this is mitigated by a removable leather loop. This minor compromise is outweighed by the longevity and quality offered by the design and the bridle leather.