m12 – Dual-Compartment Bridle Leather Crossbody Case with a Brass Horse Saddle Terret Handle



Leather Color Options

This listing is specifically for all English bridle leather components to be crafted in one designated color, and the entire suede lining to be produced in another single color. In cases where the sample in the photos displays multiple colors, it serves as a reference showcasing how various colors can complement each other. If you desire a mix of different colors, please note that an additional charge will apply, unless I currently have the other color in stock. Feel free to reach out for further discussion at jp@marcellinony.com.

Product Description

Unveil a new realm of elegance with our bespoke Mini Bridle Leather Case, a masterpiece of functionality and style. This exquisite piece, with its dual compartments and classic square corners, redefines the traditional briefcase silhouette. Each case boasts a robust rectangular clock lock, available in your choice of brass or chrome, ensuring both security and a touch of sophistication. The flat handle, reminiscent of horse saddle terrets, adds a unique equestrian charm, also available in both brass and chrome finishes.

The interior, lined with the finest Italian calf suede, can be personalized in your chosen color, creating a sanctuary for your essentials. The epitome of bespoke luxury, each pocket within is tailor-made to your specifications – from an iPhone pocket to a dedicated glasses holder, ensuring every item has its place.

Painstakingly hand-stitched, our case celebrates the time-honored tradition of no-machine craftsmanship. The terret handle holders are securely fastened with screws, coated in epoxy for a smooth, durable finish, further accentuating the case’s exquisite attention to detail.